Miguel Lozano

Miguel is a professional freediver, Spanish National Record holder in Free Immersion with -117m, and the third deepest freediver in the world in this discipline. He is also the first Spaniard to have reached 100m in Constant Weight, and is one of the only 15 people in the world to do so. He is the current Spanish Record holder in Constant Weight without fins with -71 meters.

Next to being an accomplished athlete, Miguel is also AIDA & SSI Instructor Trainer and Apnea Academy International Instructor. At Freedive Air he will be running special clinics, masterclasses and instructor courses.

Besides Freedive Air, Miguel runs ApneaCanarias Freediving Center in Tenerife, Spain, and Dahab Freedivers in Egypt, with his partners Santiago Jakas, Pascal Berger and Stephen Keenan, respectively.

Julia Mouce Dominguez

Julia, or Patita as she is also known, is the founder of Apnea Bali in Tulamben, and recognised as one of the best depth coaches in South East Asia. She’s trained hundreds of freedivers of all levels across Asia, Egypt and Europe using her background in biology, sciences and competitive sports for her unique approach.

She is a passionate teacher, who’s loved by all her students for her enthusiasm and positive energy. Plus- she can spot a tense shoulder under water from a mile away.

Julia is an AIDA judge, SSI instructor and Apnea Total’s first Freedive Instructor Trainer, with a great record of educating new instructors. As an athlete herself, she’s also the Double National Record holder for Argentina in Constant Weight and Constant Weight No Fins.

If she’s not at Freedive Air, you can find her at Apnea Bali, in Tulamben.

Santiago Jakas

Santiago started competing in freediving in 2007. In 2008 he reached his first Spanish National record in the Static discipline with 6 minutes and 42 seconds,. From there he increased this mark in every competition until reaching a Static of 7 minutes and 5 seconds. He also stands out for his achievement in Constant Weight (CWT) with -80 meters depth as his personal best. He has extensive experience in national and international competitions and has taught hundreds of students.

He runs ApneaCanarias Freediving Center in one of the best Freediving Spots in the World.

Dea Kartika Putri

Dea has always been fascinated by dance and body movement since her early age. She started practicing Indonesian traditional dance at age 6 and did several dance competitions with her team in national level. She continues exploring her interest in dance, gymnastic and yoga until now.

Her yoga journey started couple years ago when she moved to Bali. She has been intensively practicing vinyasa and fly high yoga ever since. Her main motivation in teaching yoga is to make people feel good about their bodies. She makes sure everyone is having fun and overcoming their fear in her class. She is now teaching fly high yoga in Indonesia and France.