While we’d like to think all you want to do is freedive while you’re on Gili Air, there is actually plenty of other things to do while you’re staying with us in paradise.

Scuba diving Gili Air has an abundant marine life and a wide variety of dive sites you can explore with a tank. Think turtles, beautiful corals and reefsharks and all the time in the world to look at them up close. Check out our friends at 7 Seas for fun dives and courses. Check 7SEAS International.

Stand Up Paddle boarding The calm and clear waters around Gili Air are perfect for stand- up paddle boarding. Not only is it fun, but it’s also great exercise! Just ask us for more info.

Yoga Start and end the day with a relaxing yoga session right by the sea. Great practice for freediving, but also for anyone who wants to stretch, calm their minds and become stronger. Ask us for more info, if you’re interested.

Cycle Gili Air Gili Air isn’t big, but it’s small winded pathways and lack of hills makes it perfect to explore the island by bicycle. There’s no motorised vehicles on Gili Air, so all you need to look out for are the horse drawn carriages and pedestrians strolling along the beachwalk. End the day sinking into a comfy beanbag with a cold drink at one of the prime sunset spots!

Free Gym