Freediver Stretch
07.00 ­ 08.30 WITA

In this class, Dea will guide you to deepen your stretch, specifically around your hamstring and diaphragm. This practice is good as a warm up before freediving, it will help you with the flexibility of diaphragm and rib cage. It also will relaxing your hamstrings and give strength to your kicking.

With the help of the hanging belt, you’ll perform yoga poses with the aid of gravity for a dynamic and therapeutic practice.

Fly High Yoga
16.30 ­ 17.00 WITA

Hanging upside down, overcome your fear and having fun! This class is about combining aerial yoga and acrobatic. Fly High Yoga practice requires practitioners to engage and use muscles they didn’t know they had in order to attain the real benefits of the practice. You can go deeper in the yoga poses when using the hanging belt.

Dea will help you to focus on improving your posture, helping you find more length in your spine and increasing your strength and flexibility. You will learn about alignment and biomechanics so you will have a safe practice and have a deeper understanding of the benefits of the poses to improve their overall yoga practice.