Advanced Freediver

  • Water experience 40%
  • Theory 30%
  • Depth 30%
Certifications - Freedive Air - Gili Air - Indonesia

Already hooked on freediving? This course is for you, if you want to take your freediving skills further. You’ll do exhale (FRC) dives, learn how to hold your breath for 3 minutes or more in the Static Apnea workshop and dive to depths of 30-40m. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve in three days!

This three day course includes two classroom and open water sessions as well as a static apnea workshop; you can choose to get certified as Apnea Total Advanced (max. 40m) or PADI Advanced Freediver (max. 24m).

– Mammalian diving reflex
– Static breath-hold
– Dry training techniques
– Advanced stretching
– Exhale diving
– Freefall
– Visualisation
– Deep equalisation
– Deep diving

Course can be held in English, French or Spanish.

Price: 4 550 000 IDR