Luckily we don’t need much equipment when we freedive, but there’s a few essentials that we swear by.

Freedive Buoy – 100 USD
Next to our human freedive buddy, our best friend! Surface marker, carrier of the line and resting point. This one has all you need: durable material, handles, zippers to hold any equipment inside and a handy hook for the line.

Aqualung Sphera – 45 USD
The micro mask is a great low-volume mask that makes equalisation easy, but that also has great vision! Not just great for deep dives, but also perfect for your fun dives gazing at turtles and sharks in Gili Air’s beautiful water.

DiveR Custom Fins designed by artist Naomi GittoesPrice upon request
Oh the difference you’ll feel when you’ve tried these fins! We are using these ourselves and love them. Best of all, the fiber/carbon blades come in a beautiful design by Naomi Gittoes – you’ll not only be super efficient under water, but you’ll also look good!